Mortgage Products to Fit Your Needs

Mortgage Products to Fit Your Needs

1% down payment with ONE+

We have an array of loan programs available to meet the unique needs of our clients. We'll help you find the right home loan program to fit your short- and long-term financial goals. Below is some information on the various types of mortgages and terms that you may encounter while seeking a new home loan.

It’s the most popular loan in America for good reason. You can finance almost all types of homes using it. Primary homes, investment properties, vacation homes, manufactured homes, condominiums, and more. If you can afford a 20% down payment on your property, you can eliminate mortgage insurance altogether – saving you money every month.

  • Finance up to 97% of home's value.
  • Interest rates are affected by several factors, including intended occupancy, loan-to-value and credit score.
  • Eliminate private mortgage insurance with a 20% down payment.
  • Seller concession allowed from 2% - 9% depending on occupancy and loan-to-value.

Loans backed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) can be used to purchase a primary residence in a rural area. But you don’t have to live on a farm on in the country to use it. A huge portion of the US is defined as rural. It’s basically any place with a population less than 35,000 people.

  • Available for low-to-moderate income borrowers.
  • Finance up to 100% of the home's value.
  • Seller concessions allowed up to 6% of the purchase value.

Fair Housing Administration loans are designed with relaxed requirements to make it easier for borrowers to qualify. If you have a low credit score but can manage at least a 3.5% down payment, you may be a good candidate for an FHA loan.

  • Allows for a non-occupant co-borrower to help you qualify.
  • Available for primary residences that meet FHA guidelines.
  • Flexible credit qualifying.
  • Seller concessions allowed up to 6%.

First-time home buyers should take advantage of unique opportunities designed to help them afford a home. There are state programs, tax breaks, and lower down payment requirements. Even if you’ve owned a home in the past, you may still be eligible for these programs. First-time homebuyer loans may offer down payment and closing cost assistance, 0% down payment loans, and expanded credit score criteria allowing for more borrowers who have lower scores.

The Lifestyle Home Loan for Purchase helps you sell more homes by increasing the purchasing power of your 62+ buyer segment. This program can be life-changing for you, your clients and your business.

  • A proven system that allows your team to accelerate sales to boomer buyers while maintaining an exquisite buyer’s experience
  • We pre-approve all Lifestyle Home Loan buyers with full underwriting at contract to give you peace of mind during the transaction
  • Work with the #1 Lifestyle Home Loan lender in the country, with program availability in 48 States

If you’re ready to purchase a luxury home or live in one of the most expensive areas in the country, you may need a jumbo loan. With it, you can finance up to $3,000,000 to purchase the property. Jumbo loans can be used for a variety of home types including primary and secondary/vacation homes, investment properties, condos, and more.

  • Finance up to 90% of home's value.
  • Available for primary and secondary home, vacation homes, condominiums or condotels, rural properties, large acreage, and more.

If you’re a current, active-duty member of the U.S. military, a Veteran, or an eligible surviving spouse, you may qualify for a VA loan to purchase your primary residence. VA loans are easier to qualify for than a conventional loan and don’t require any down payment.

  • Finance up to 100% of the home's value.
  • Available for primary residences that meet VA guidelines.
  • Seller concessions allowed to cover closing costs, prepaid items and discount points.
  • No private mortgage insurance in their monthly payment giving the borrowers more affordability in their payment.

As a first responder, you can save money on your next home loan with our exclusive discount. For any approved active duty first responder, Keller Home Loans offers reduced lender fees of $600 dollars (standard loan origination fees for processing, underwriting, are $1,400, this is a discount of $800 dollars). First responders will also receive a generous credit of 0.75 of the loan amount can be used for fees or buy down of rate. The larger the loan, the larger the credit.

This offer is available whether you’re buying or refinancing a home. It’s our way of thanking you for your service.

Condo home loans are similar to single-family home loans and require a review of the condo HOA as well. If the unit doesn’t meet normal requirements, we still offer an opportunity to finance it using non-warrantable condo loans.

  • Options for both warrantable and non-warrantable units.
  • Available for primary and secondary homes or investment properties.

Condotels are condo complexes but have hotel-like features such as an on-site property manager, rental desk, daily rental stays, and their own short term rental website.

  • Options for both warrantable and non-warrantable units.
  • 680 minimum FICO credit score.
  • Available for primary and secondary homes or investment proporties.

Keller Home Loans is pleased to offer the ONE+ mortgage program, allowing borrowers to purchase a home for as little as 1% down! This exciting program is designed to bring homeownership within reach with an affordable low down payment option.

  • 1% down payment
  • 2% grant provided by the lender
  • Reduced private mortgage insurance (PMI) 
  • Primary residence only
  • Maximum loan amount of $350,000

If borrower is a first-time homebuyer, in one of the metro-areas listed below, we’ve got great news. With Purchase Plus, you can get $5,250 in lender credits to use for down payment and closing costs!

  • Borrower must reside in one of the eligible metro areas mentioned at the time of application. However, the home can be anywhere. Speak with one of our mortgage loan officers for more information.
  • The home must be a primary residence.
  • At least one of the borrowers occupying the home must be a first-time homebuyer.
  • Borrower needs a 3% down payment. This can be covered in whole or in part by credit from the program.

The Keller Assist DPA Loan Program is a game-changing opportunity designed to support your clients in achieving homeownership with ease. With 100% financing for FHA loans and ZERO down payment requirements (closing costs still apply), this program opens doors for more buyers, expanding your potential client base.

  • No Income Limits: Eligibility isn't restricted by stringent income requirements.
  • Minimum 600 FICO Score: Flexibility for clients with less-than-perfect credit scores.
  • Non-Occupant Co-Borrowers Allowed: Accommodating diverse financial arrangements, fostering inclusivity.

Let your offer stand out in a competitive housing market. When you are Offer Ready pre-approved by Keller Home Loans, you loan will close faster and your purchase offer will stand out against the competition.

At Keller Home Loans, we are thrilled to introduce a program that will allow us to get you pre-approved for a home loan with only a soft pull of your credit. We call this program Offer Ready Plus+.

  • With this program, you can now access your credit results without worrying about any negative impact on your credit score. We understand how important your credit is, and we’ve eliminated any risk to ensure you can explore your options with peace of mind.
  • Be fully pre-approved and underwrite your entire loan before you find a property. This allows you to present an offer that’s as good as cash or even better.
  • Streamline and expedite the mortgage process once you do find a home you wish to purchase.

Our Wealth Builder Loan program is tailored to investors who are self-employed or have difficulty qualifying for traditional financing due to high debt-to-income ratios. By focusing on the property’s ability to generate income, we provide a financing solution that looks beyond your personal credit and income history.

  • Down payments as low as 20%
  • Credit scores as low as 640 FICO
  • Minimum loan amount $100k
  • Maximum loan amount $2M
  • No personal income required to qualify and no tax returns
  • Borrowers qualify based on rental analysis to determine property cash flow
  • Residential properties only
  • 1-4 Unit Properties
  • Properties can be in LLC’s name

Keller Home Loans is a Nationwide Lender offering a Zero Plus Loan Program exclusively to our clients. Zero Plus means that they don’t charge the traditional lender fees, like an Origination Fee, Processing Fee, Underwriting Fee, etc. And for loans over $150,000, they give you an additional $1,000!

  • Zero Origination Fee
  • Zero Processing Fee
  • Zero Underwriting Fee
  • Low Rates
  • $1000 closing credit (Loan amount must be at least $150,000)

Apply for a new mortgage with more favorable terms. You can refinance to get a lower interest rate, to get a different type of loan without mortgage insurance payments, or to change the number of years to pay off your loan. It’s also common to get cash out of a refinance to consolidate high-interest debt, fund home improvements, or have cash for other needs.

  • Refinance to a conventional, FHA, or VA loan.
  • Access your home's equity for home projects, college costs, or to pay off high-interest debt.
  • Shorten the length of your term to pay off your loan faster.

CHOICEReno eXPress allows homebuyers to include renovation costs in the mortgage financing to assist in addressing the aging housing supply, the need for affordable housing and the increasing demand for aging-in-place housing solutions.

Offering 3-2-1, 2-1, 1-1, and 1-0 temporary mortgage buydowns.

A mortgage buydown is a financing technique where a borrower pays an upfront fee to the lender in exchange for a reduced interest rate on the mortgage loan. The buydown can be temporary or permanent, depending on the terms of the agreement. Keller Home Loans is pleased to offer a variety of temporary buydown programs to borrowers looking to lower their monthly payments or increase their purchasing power.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a manufactured home as your primary residence or vacation home for your family, we offer financing for qualified buyers with as little as 3% down.

  • Finance up to 97% of the home's value. 620 minimum credit score.
  • Available for manufactured doublewide or larger.

Unique Loan Programs Available at Keller Home Loans

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