Today's Mortgage Rates

These are our current mortgage rates for some of our most popular loan programs. Rates are updated daily. Please keep in mind that the interest rate you will qualify for depends on many factors, including your credit, your loan amount and your down payment. For a personalized mortgage quote, please get started online.

Conventional 30 Yr Fixed

Rate 6.625%
APR 6.779%
Last Update: June, 14th 2024 07:58:43 AM

Conventional 15 Yr Fixed

Rate 6%
APR 6.365%
Last Update: June, 14th 2024 07:58:43 AM

FHA 30 Yr Fixed

Rate 6.25%
APR 7.093%
Last Update: June, 14th 2024 07:58:43 AM

VA 30 Yr Fixed

Rate 6.75%
APR 7.028%
Last Update: June, 14th 2024 07:58:43 AM

Mortgage Rates Frequently Asked Questions

Your interest rate is shaped by the general level of interest rates in the economy. In addition, there are 7 personal factors: credit score, home location, home price and loan amount, down payment, loan term, interest rate type and loan type. A lender will use these items to determine your credit worthiness, your ability to repay your loan, and your interest rate. If you speak with a lender who gives you a rate without examining these factors, the rate isn't real. It is a rate for someone, but it may or may not be the rate for you.

An interest rate is simply the cost you pay each year to a lender, expressed as a percentage rate. Mortgage interest rates are dependent on current market conditions, how much you looking to borrow, and your personal financial profile.

An annual percentage rate (APR) is a much more comprehensive rate a borrower pays and often includes other charges or fees such as mortgage insurance, closing costs, discount points and loan origination fees.

You have the option to pay discount points to buy down the interest rate on a mortgage loan. This can benefit borrowers who may need a reduced interest rate to qualify for a specific home loan. For borrowers who simply want to keep their rate low, this helps keep their mortgage payment at a reasonable level.

Once you lock an interest rate, you’re protected from any changes in the market that could cause rates to increase. However, if rates decrease, you will not be able to take advantage of those favorable market movements. When you lock your loan you’re essentially freezing that interest rate, you don’t have to worry if rates go up between the time you submit an offer and close on the mortgage.

A fixed rate mortgage will have the same interest rate for the entire life of the loan. For example, if you were to purchase a new home with a 30-year fixed mortgage, your principal and interest payment would remain the same every month for the entire 30-year term (please note, this doesn’t not take into account your taxes, insurance, and additional fees which may change over time). A fixed rate mortgage offers more stability and is easier to budget for over long term.

An ARM or Adjustable Rate Mortgage is a mortgage loan where the interest rate may change over the life of the loan. ARMs are typically structured so the interest rate on the loan will remain fixed for an initial period of time, and then adjust annually. For example, with a 5/1 ARM - the interest rate for the first 5 years would remain fixed. After that initial 5-year period, the interest rate on your mortgage will then adjust annually based on market rates and conditions.

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