Introducing the ONE+ Mortgage Loan: A Game-Changer for Homebuyers

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There’s exciting news on the horizon for both you and your clients looking for mortgage financing. Keller Home Loans is proud to introduce the ONE+ Mortgage Loan, a groundbreaking option designed to empower qualifying homebuyers with an accessible path to homeownership.

If you have clients who dream of owning a home but struggle with saving enough for a down payment, this new program could be the key to unlocking their homeownership journey.

With the ONE+ Mortgage Loan, Keller Home Loans is revolutionizing the homebuying landscape by offering a remarkable opportunity for buyers to secure their dream home with just a 1% down payment.

What Sets the ONE+ Mortgage Loan Apart?

The ONE+ Mortgage Loan program offers a myriad of benefits tailored to suit the needs of prospective homeowners:

  • Low Down Payment: The standout feature of the ONE+ Mortgage Loan is its minimal 1% down payment requirement, making homeownership more attainable for individuals and families alike.
  • Lender Grant: To further support homebuyers, Keller Home Loans provides a generous 2% grant, effectively assisting borrowers in covering initial costs associated with purchasing a home.
  • Reduced PMI: Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) can often be a significant financial burden for homebuyers. With the ONE+ Mortgage Loan, borrowers benefit from reduced PMI, helping to alleviate long-term financial strain.
  • Primary Residence Only: The program is exclusively available for primary residences, ensuring that homeowners can secure the property they intend to live in.
  • Eligibility: The ONE+ Mortgage Loan is open to both first-time homebuyers and repeat buyers who meet specific income criteria. Eligible buyers must earn less than or equal to 80% of the area median income (AMI) of their prospective location.

Maximum Loan Amount: The ONE+ Mortgage Loan applies solely to purchase loans with a maximum amount capped at $350,000.

Why Mention the ONE+ Mortgage Loan to Your Clients?

As a real estate agent, your primary goal is to guide your clients through the complex process of buying a home while ensuring they make informed decisions that align with their financial goals.

With the introduction of Keller Home Loans’ ONE+ Mortgage Loan, you gain a powerful resource to help your clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of mortgage financing.

By incorporating this innovative program into your arsenal of options, you can broaden the spectrum of possibilities for your clients, especially those who may have been previously deterred by traditional down payment requirements.

The ONE+ Mortgage Loan not only expands the pool of eligible buyers but also underscores your commitment to providing comprehensive and tailored solutions that prioritize your clients’ financial well-being and homeownership aspirations.

By highlighting the benefits of the ONE+ Mortgage Loan, you can:

  • Expand the pool of eligible buyers: With its low down payment requirement and reduced PMI, the ONE+ Mortgage Loan opens doors for individuals and families who may have previously felt homeownership was out of reach.
  • Strengthen client relationships: By presenting innovative financing options like the ONE+ Mortgage Loan, you demonstrate your commitment to helping clients navigate the evolving real estate market and secure the best possible deals.
  • Facilitate smoother transactions: Streamlined financing options contribute to smoother transactions, reducing potential delays and uncertainties in the homebuying process.

The ONE+ Mortgage Loan from Keller Home Loans represents a significant step forward in making homeownership more accessible and achievable for a broader spectrum of buyers. As a real estate agent, incorporating this exciting new program into your toolkit can enhance your ability to serve clients effectively while facilitating their journey towards homeownership dreams.

Unlock the potential of the ONE+ Mortgage Loan today and empower your clients to embark on the path to homeownership with confidence and ease!

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