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VA Mortgage Certification Course

This fun and informative online course is designed to teach realtors about VA mortgages so they can better serve their military clients.


VA Realtor Certification

Understand how you can help our nation's Veterans take advantage of their hard earned benefits.


Build Trust

Providing the knowledge and expertise that your Veteran clients need during their home buying journey.


Grow Your Business

Market your brand through our network, and tap into an underserved community of potential homebuyers.


Community Networking

Network with other real estate agents and mortgage professionals that are prevalent members of the military and veteran community.

Free Class
February 16th

11am PST   |   2pm EST

Don't miss your chance to gain an expert level understanding on the VA loan.

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At Keller Home Loans, we are dedicated to education.

At Keller Home Loans, education is the cornerstone of our philosophy because we understand that the world of mortgages is constantly evolving. We are committed to fostering an environment of continuous learning, enabling real estate agents to stay ahead in an ever-changing landscape.

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