Unlock Exclusive Benefits for Your Clients with the VA Loan from Keller Home Loans

At Keller Home Loans, we are dedicated to supporting military families, and we demonstrate this commitment by waiving all lender fees on VA home loans. Our mission is simple: help veterans and their families leverage their VA benefits to achieve their dreams with minimal financial strain. Partnering with us means offering your clients benefits such as:

Zero Down Payment and Zero Lender Fees:
We go the extra mile for your clients by eliminating the origination fee, lender closing fee, processing fee, and underwriting fee on VA loans. While some third-party fees like title charges, appraisal charges, homeowners insurance, real estate, and transfer taxes remain the borrower's responsibility, our commitment to affordability sets us apart.

VA One-Time Close Construction Loan:
Imagine the convenience of combining financing for lot purchase, construction, and permanent mortgage into one seamless loan. Our innovative VA One-Time Close Construction Loan makes this possible, providing your clients with unparalleled ease and flexibility. By collaborating with Keller Home Loans, you gain the ability to offer this outstanding product, giving your clients a unique advantage in the market.

The VA loan entitlement is a remarkable benefit that many service members are unaware of. By partnering with Keller Home Loans, you not only gain access to these exclusive benefits but also empower your clients with financial freedom. Discover the untapped potential of this specialized loan program and transform your real estate business. Don't miss out—join forces with us today!

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