Partnership Opportunities

At Keller Home Loans, we believe in fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and unlocking new possibilities. Partnering with Keller Home Loans means accessing a dynamic ecosystem that values innovation and growth. Our leadership team is committed to exploring innovative ventures and strategic alliances that redefine the landscape of the mortgage industry. Let's embark on a journey of shared success – discover unparalleled partnership opportunities with Keller Home Loans today!

Meet Our Leadership

Caryn Prall
Caryn Prall

Chief of Growth
and Industry

Sam Preis
Sam Preis

SVP, Business

Jenn Hasselmann
Jenn Hasselmann

VP of Agent Relationships

Brian Surgner
Brian Surgener

SVP of Strategy

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2023 Recap

Watch the official recap of Mega Agent Camp 2023 and see what attendees, panelists, and Gary Keller had to say.