4 Ways to Use Threads in Your Marketing Efforts

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In a tight housing market, you want to get the word out fast about a new listing or new rates in your area. Social media is a great way to do that, but which platform is best?

Threads has entered the social media sphere this summer, and the bottom line is it’s another vehicle to market your listings and services.

First, a little about Threads. Threads is very similar to Twitter’s format of short, conversation-based posts. Since Threads is a Meta product, you can easily connect your Instagram followers to your Threads account when you log into Threads the first time and use your Instagram login.

So, how can Threads help you get noticed? Here are four ways to use Threads in your marketing efforts:

Post different content

Just because Threads is associated with Instagram and Facebook doesn’t mean you should post the same content on all three platforms. Give your followers some variety.

Start more conversations

Remember, Threads is meant to be a place where conversations happen and to connect with people. More than 10 posts a day on Instagram is over the top. It’s not on Threads.

Grow your community

Building a large community of followers on social media is essential for your content to get noticed. So, naturally, the more followers you have on Threads means there are more people — including new followers — who have the opportunity to view your posts.

Test new content

Threads rolled out July 5, so people are still figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to test new content, maybe something you’ve been holding off posting on Instagram. If your new post gets good engagement, consider expanding it to the other more established social platforms.

Source: Threads for the Real Estate Industry: My Initial Thoughts on Meta’s New App, July 6, 2023, www.nowbam.com.

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