The First Responders Program

First Responders save more with Keller Home Loans

As a first responder, you can save money on your next home loan with our exclusive discount. For any approved active duty first responder, Keller Home Loans offers reduced lender fees of $600 dollars (standard loan origination fees for processing, underwriting, are $1,400, this is a discount of $800 dollars). First responders will also receive a generous credit of 0.75 of the loan amount can be used for fees or buy down of rate.  The larger the loan, the larger the credit.

This offer is available whether you’re buying or refinancing a home. It’s our way of thanking you for your service.


Savings Scenario:

On a $450,000 purchase price with a 20% down payment ($90,000), eligible first responders would receive:

  • A credit of $2,700 ($360,000 loan amount the 0.75 lender credit = $2,700) - This credit can be used for closing costs like title, appraisal, discount for better rate, or all of the above.               
  • Plus $800 in reduced lender fees. 


Discounts available for full-time or part-time first responders with the following job titles:

  • Law enforcement officers
  • Firefighters
  • EMT/paramedics
  • 911 operators/dispatchers